Things you cannot miss in Costa Brava

Spain has always been on the bucket list of travellers all around the world, and the very first city they hit after reaching Spain is Barcelona. Well, Barcelona has earned its share of fame from its football team, but there are plenty of towns and cities in Spain that are not only beautiful but are blessed with Natural wonder, architectural beauty, heritage, culture, and more. One such place is Costa Brava. The coastal region is relatively less populated and famous, and missing on this one while you are on your tour to Spain will be a big loss. There are many Costa Brava Villas to rent available in the town that can provide you a good space and ambiance to spend a holiday at.    

Costa Brava is located in the North-Eastern part of Catalonia. Being a part of other coastal regions in Catalonia, Costa Brava is less developed than the other regions, but that doesn’t mean that the place lacks in terms of beauty, sightseeing attractions, adventures or any of this sort. Instead, the less development of modern world has given this place a chance to blossom in its own natural way. However, there are still a lot of tourists that frequent the small coastal region for having a great and soothing vacation. If you are making a trip to Costa Brava then make sure amidst the sightseeing tours and other things, you don’t miss to enjoy the most amazing things about Costa Brava.

  • Ruins of ancient civilizations

Costa Brava is far from just being a hub to many beautiful beaches and obviously, it is mainly known for. Costa Brava has witnessed many civilizations’ rise and fall and the ancient ruins are just a way to discover them. Out of many ruins, the most famous one is of Empúries and others include Dolmen of Cova d’en Diana located in Romanya de la Selva and many others. You can easily spot a few of them located near to the beaches. The ruins tell the stories of the ages when these civilizations rose to its glory and fell into the oblivion.

  • Small yet beautiful towns

In today’s modern world, finding a subtle town filled with natural wonders is indeed hard, but Costa Brava is an exception to that. There are plenty of beautiful and small towns that are located in the regions and each is known for its unique and close to nature lifestyle. Some of the best towns that you shouldn’t miss are Tossa De Mar, Blanes, Pal, and Roses.

  • Spending a day at the beach

Well, visiting a coastal region and not spending an entire day on the beach is not so done. No matter how many beach destinations you have been in this world, the beauty of Costa Brava beaches has something magical. The white sand along with the blue water comes out alive from a painting. Though there are many beaches in Costa Brava, Playas de Calella, Playa Cala Sa Boadella, and La playa de Tamariu are some of the most famous ones.

  • Exploring The Dali Theatre Museum

Almost every city has one or two museum that helps you discover history and facts of that place, but this Dali Theatre Museum in Costa Brava is a home to the artwork of Salvador Dali. The famous surrealist born in Catalonia has given the entire world some of his best artworks and this theatre houses most of it. Your trip to Costa Brava or even to Spain will be incomplete without making a visit to this theatre. The artworks are showcased in an eccentric shade of pink and a castle-like building which itself is a delight to the eyes. The building was designed by Dali himself.

  • Exploring Golf courses

Golf courses may not interest you in the first place, but when in Costa Brava golf courses can strike your interest. There are not one or two golf courses, but 8 total and different golf courses in Costa Brava. The best ones that you should give a visit include Golf Platja de Pals, Emproda Golf, and Golf Costa Brava.

  • Kayaking along the coast

The fact that Costa Brava is a coastal region; the best way one can explore even the tiniest of the place is by kayaking along the coast. There are numerous inlets and bays that one can only explore while floating on the coast.

  • Fascinating over Medieval Villages

There is plenty of small towns that are worth a visit to Costa Brava, but Pals needs a special mention for being a place that still has medieval touch. The beautiful small town is filled with medieval beauty and you can rarely experience something like this. Walk along the beauty of the village and also pay a visit to a gothic church Sant Pere.

  • Lip-smacking food

While visiting Costa Brava, you have to indulge yourself in the authentic food of Costa Brava. All the small towns located in Costa Brava are known to serve their exceptional local food. Make sure to at least try a few delicacies from a few towns you are crossing by.

The beauty of Costa Brava is better preserved in its natural way owing to the lesser development making its way to the region. Whatever it possesses is nowhere less than the treat to eyes and soul. With subtle weather all the time, one can even opt for trekking or other water and adventure sports.

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